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Posted by Academy on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Product News

2015 Academy complete bikes out now

Our full range of 2015 complete bikes are out now in all good bicycle dealers around the planet. Our range is the biggest it’s ever been with a bike to suit almost every rider out there.

The range starts with our Balance Bikes which are perfect for the first introduction into BMX.

Then we have our Trooper 12″ which has to be one of the coolest 12′ bikes around.

Our first 20″ model is the Entrant & for it’s price tag you get a lot of bike. CrMo 3 piece tubular cranks, 25/9T gearing & an 1-1/8″ thread less headset to name a few key points. It has a 19.5″ top tube length for the smaller riders out there.

Featuring a fully sealed cassette hub in the rear as do all our bikes from this model upwards. This is one of the biggest & most import features on a BMX bike as you will have zero troubles with your rear hub. Something can quickly become an expensive problem to fix. Keep away from other brands loose ball or semi sealed cassette hubs as they will only cause you grief.

Our Inspire 16″ & Inspire 18″ bikes are perfect bikes straight out of the box for the younger / smaller riders out there who want an awesome bike. One that is also built to their size as well & has the correct geometry. Plus features like the full sealed cassette hub, sealed Mid BB & CrMo tubular 3 piece cranks.

Our Aspire for 2015 is once again our biggest selling bike & for good reason. Full sealed cassette hub (just like all our bikes above the Entrant) as well integrated headset, sealed Mid BB & a CrMo down tube frame.

Our range topper is the Desire. Full CrMo everything, full sealed everything & a full sized 21″ top tube frame. The ebst of the best from Academy.

Check the entire range out now at an Academy dealer near you now.




















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2015 Aspire video

An overview of the 2015 Academy Aspire which is available now around the world from your favourite BMX stockists

Posted by Academy on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Dealer Spotlight, Product News

Evolution Cycles now carrying Academy BMX !!

Evolution Cycles in New Zealand are now carrying Academy BMX & have our full 2015 range on hand ready to ship. Hit them up for the full deal on all of our bikes now by clicking here now.

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Posted by Academy on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Distribution News

Launchpad Group now exclusive distro for New Zealand

We are proud to announce that we have a new & exciting distribution outlet in New Zealand.

Effective immediately, the Launchpad Group has now taken over exclusive distribution rights for Academy in New Zealand & has stock ready to go right now. Our full product line will now be readily available throughout New Zealand in more dealers than ever before. Pricing will be sharper than ever before as well, great news for all no doubt.

For all dealers wanting to carry Academy in NZ please contact Steve at Launchpad & he will get you sorted with all of our bikes from our 2015 range.

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Posted by Academy on Monday, November 10th, 2014

Product News

Academy Trooper 12″

For the smaller rippers out there & those new to this BMX thing, we’re proud to offer our 2015 Trooper 12′ bike. Built tough for those who want a cool looking bike for the young ones but one that will also last anything they can throw at it. Check them out at an Academy dealer near you now.